All of our products are freshly made every single day. We make a limited amount to avoid leftovers at the end of the day. Our website is designed to help prevent customer disappointment by allowing you to pre-order. It is not a reflection of what is available in-store daily.

Cookie Flavours

Boston Cream Pie Cookie - Stuffed with pastry cream and dipped in dark chocolate glaze

Chocolate Espresso - Dark chocolate cookie dough flavoured with Salvador coffee grounds and chocolate chips, dipped in espresso sugar before baking.

Compost - Cookie dough flavoured with our ground Salvador coffee and an ever-changing combination of fillings.

Crème Brûlée Cookie - Stuffed with pastry cream, rolled in sugar and brûléed.

Dulce Stuffed Chocolate Cookie Chocolate cookie dough spiced with cinnamon, stuffed with our housemade dulce de leche and topped with Maldon salt.

Fudge Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Chocolate chip cookie dough made with beurre noisette, stuffed with housemade vanilla fudge.

Key Lime Citrus cookie dough stuffed with lime curd. Topped with brûléed Italian meringue.

Marbled Choc Chip - Chocolate cookie dough studded with white chocolate chips and marbled with vanilla cookie dough studded with dark chocolate c

Oat Raisin - Classic oat and raisin cookie flavoured with cinnamon.

PBCCMC Peanut butter choc chip marshmallow cookie.

Snickerdoodle - Soft vanilla cookie coated in cinnamon sugar.