Doughnut Flavours

Blueberry Cheese Cake - Classic brioche doughnut filled with whipped cheesecake mousse, swirled with housemade blueberry compot.

Bob Marley - Classic brioche doughnut filled with housemade jam.

Boston Cream Pie - Filled with vanilla pastry cream and dipped in dark chocolate.

Chocolate Bomb - Filled with dark chocolate cream pie custard, drizzled with melted dark chocolate and topped with a piece of Grandma Babs' white chocolate chip brownie.

Chocolate Crème brûlée - Filled with chocolate cystrad, rolled in sugar and brûléed.

Crème brûlée - Brioche doughnut filled with vanilla pastry cream, rolled in sugar and brûléed.

Lemon Meringue - Filled with lemon curd custard topped with brûléed Italian meringue

Milk Tart - Brioche doughnut filled with a milk tart pastry cream and rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Smores - Filled with a chocolate marshmallow custard, dipped in marshmallow fluff, brûléed and topped with Graham cracker crumbs.