All of our products are freshly made every single day. We make a limited amount to avoid leftovers at the end of the day. Our website is designed to help prevent customer disappointment by allowing you to pre-order. It is not a reflection of what is available in-store daily.

jason & brigitte

We are a brother-and-sister owned and operated artisan bakery situated in Cape Town South Africa. Our doors first opened in 2007 on Bree street, at a time when no one else was offering artisanal bread in Cape Town. Since then we expanded into a larger Green Point location in 2017, which houses our central bakery and small eatery. Jason Lilley, otherwise known as Captain Bread, is a pioneer of artisanal bread in Cape Town. While Jason’s name might be on the door, he credits his success to the dedication and support from his sister, Brigitte, who keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes.