All of our products are freshly made every single day. We make a limited amount to avoid leftovers at the end of the day. Our website is designed to help prevent customer disappointment by allowing you to pre-order. It is not a reflection of what is available in-store daily.

bye bye bree

We would be nowhere without the little store on Bree street that started it all. What began as a 'hole in the wall' in 2007 has paved the way to a bread empire that grew into a larger purpose-built central bakery in Green Point. The little shop that could, our Bree Street store was the original location for gatherings of lazy brunches, important business meetings and the odd pizza, burger and lobster roll nights. We have so much to thank our Bree street location for, mostly because it was the place that allowed us to set down roots to grow into the respected brand we are today. Making the decision to close those doors after 13 long, beautiful years remains one of the toughest we’ve ever had to make, but we are thankful for our loyal customers following us to Green Point to make new special memories.